About Us


K9’s For Freedom & Independence came to be because of my many years of training dogs for professionals in law enforcement, search & rescue and the military. While doing this I was asked to help train in other areas like behavioral problems, Therapy and Service. I started training back in 1990 when my need to work with dogs and even horses, became very strong. As a disabled military veteran and retired law enforcement officer, this encouraged me to help my brothers and sisters from the military, police, fire and emergency medical services.

I have asked some of my closest collegues to assist me in this mission and join my Board. Our Board is made up of all K9 Professionals that have spent our lives training others how to train their K9 partners.

If you think you have a pup or young dog that may be a good candidate for a Service Dog, contact us!

We will consider most breeds no older than 2 years old.

All dogs are custom trained for you and your type of disability. Not every dog is the same, and neither is every disability.

We do not house any dogs in a kennel waiting for a hero. The exception is with a young dog that needs to learn manners and grow up. When we get a request for a Service Dog, we then look for a dog for them.

Your dog will have to pass our tests to make sure the dog can be a good candidate for a Service Dog.

We do not breed any dogs, we take dogs donated by shelters and/or rescue organizations.

We take dogs that were once unwanted or thrown away. We train them and make them the center of a hero’s world!

We also consider dogs donated by reputable pure bred breeders.

With all the dogs that we evaluate, we find some really nice high drive dogs. These dogs don’t make good pets nor a good service dog. We can and will take these dogs and train them as detection dogs. An agency can adopt one of these dogs from us for a donation. That money goes right back into training a Hero’s Service Dog.