Service Dog Law

Download the Texas State Service Dog Laws Here.

Download the DOJ ADA Service_Animals_2010 Here.


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9 comments on “Service Dog Law
  1. kelli says:

    hey Janneen!!

    its Kelli from cpeto

    wanted to pass this along in case you didn’t see it but there is a national service dog eye exam thing going on and it is free ..
    register this month and the screenings start in May

    also , i would like to talk to you about my Bullmastiff he has been not the same since his buddy Tigger passed and in fact he is a bit more aggressive and such with other dogs .. any advice ?



  2. Kathy Corbett says:

    I am interested in training with out goldendoodle to help others as a therapy dog. I had in mind therapy by visiting hospitals for children, adults, etc. I didn’t realize the number of areas therapy dogs can be used for. I would like to discuss & explore options where we are suited. Ollie is extremely intelligent, calm, obedient & has helped me in recovery, mentally & physically.

  3. Brandon Berry says:

    I am a veteran with PTSD and I am interested in having my German Shepherd trained as a service dog professionally before I have him registered. I have already done a lot of training with him. I am not sure how the process works, so any information is greatly appreciated.

  4. buscak9 says:

    We train dogs for Veterans, Police, Fire and EMS. I’m not sure what a dog could do for a breathing issue. If you have questions, please give me a call. 360-471-1067.

  5. Gerald Gene Wray says:

    Pleae email us an application for a service dog

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